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Bren Gun Mk.II

A game ready model of a Bren Gun Mk.II that I did for Festung Europa, an indie title on the CryEngine.

Rendered in the CryEngine editor.

Game Description:

Festung Europa is a realism-based, multiplayer combined arms tactical shooter, currently under development by Jackboot Games for the PC: Take your place at the front lines as British and Canadian forces face the might of the German war machine during one of the most pivotal moments in World War II. From the bloody landing beaches at Gold, Sword, and Juno to the battered streets of Caen to the desperate, desolate fields outside of Falaise, you will fight side by side with your squad mates against the enemy as you participate in historical Operations such as Perch, Epsom, Charnwood, Goodwood and Totalise.

Scottkeeley brengun 2
Scottkeeley brengun 1
Scottkeeley brengun 3